Demand Generation 411 is a hands-on guide for businesses to create the assets, infrastructure and processes necessary to find prospective customers online and convert them into paying customers. Put another way, this blog will empower the average small or medium-sized business to envision and implement their demand generation and lead management plan.

View this information as a book where the Categories represent a table of contents. In time, I hope to complete this book and distribute it that way.

My name is Rich and I consider myself a marketing professional specializing in demand generation and lead management.  I learn so many interesting tips, tactics and strategies every day and I feel a strong desire to share them.  There are 3 reasons I feel I can deliver value to my readers:

  • I’m an entrepreneur and have started a variety of businesses; currently I help run my wife’s career coaching business.
  • I work on the demand generation team for a large high-tech company where I get to apply my craft everyday.
  • I help other small businesses not only with digital marketing but also with operations, sales and strategy.

My focus is on small to medium-sized businesses because this is where I’m needed most. Enterprise-level demand generation and lead management is a different animal because of the budget those firms have. Small and medium-sized businesses need to learn about demand generation and will see the most dramatic gains from what they learn.


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