Small-Medium Business

Are you a small to medium-sized business who needs to get a grasp on how digital marketing can boost, if not transform, your business? This blog will take you through the conceptual, strategic and tactical levels of creating the assets, infrastructure and processes to find prospective customers and turn them into paying customers.

If that sounds easy, then let me set your expectations – there’s a lot of work to demand generation! Thus, the need for this blog and the need for you to treat demand generation as a journey and not something you check off your list in a month. However, making the right investment will make a huge difference in your business.

Large Business

Are you working for a large company and have quite a few marketing resources at your disposal? You will get a lot of good things out of this blog because it focuses on fundamentals. A lot of my writing speaks to start-ups and people bootstrapping their business. Even if you have a substantial budget, operate at a much faster speed and use sophisticated tools, you’ll find quite a bit of value here.

Agencies & Consulting Firms

Are you part of a marketing agency or a related consulting firm? You are expected to be experts in your field so let’s expand your expertise so you understand the impact your work will have on your clients’ demand generation and lead management ecosystem.

My demand generation and lead management dossier includes start-ups, Fortune 50 companies, and digital marketing agencies. While that is great, I feel the real value comes from your contributions. Don’t just read… participate! Engage! Your questions, your experiences and your opinions increase your value as well as others.


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