5 types of websites

My friend Dag Nybo from BizCoachAustin.com gave me the heads up on Brian Massey’s latest book: Your Customer Creation Equation. Brian is the self-branded “conversion scientist”. I’ve seen him present and I’ve read a fair amount of his content. I’m halfway through his book and there are so many wonderful nuggets of information that I felt it was more than enough to share.

Chapter 3 starts is about what type of website do you have. He lists 5 types:

    5 types of websites

  • Brochure – image-filled pages that focus on features & benefits of products
  • Publication – think of a magazine… online
  • Online Store – takes orders for one or more products
  • Consultative Site – deep information for the lengthy, complex sales
  • Online Service – purchasing a service that is fulfilled online

Brian’s categorization and description of each are important but what’s really powerful is his next chapter on strategies for each of these types of sites.

Brian has a clear, succinct way of discussing concepts like lead nurturing, pipeline stages, conversion points, email marketing, lead generation, content and so on. The book is written at a level that a person in any size business will appreciate and quickly grasp. I think you’ll like this book – I’m enjoying it and benefiting from it thoroughly!

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